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Customer Feedback and Pictures

Thank you for the feedback!  We love hearing from our customers and we especially LOVE the pictures we receive! 

Testimonials from our People Customers:

"Thank you very much for all your help.  I don’t think I have ever dealt with a nicer company.  You guys have great customer service!" - D. Turnier, California

"Guys, we just received our goodies bag.  The items you stock are by far the highest quality and most unique dog toys I've ever seen.  Whoever your buyer is, please buy them a drink!" - K. Scholla, New York

Referring to a Wapiti Elk Antler chew for his dog Bishop: "It lasts much longer than any other bone (rawhide/beef/pork) and our carpet/furniture doesn't get stained. We love it because it's natural, clean and it's Bishop's favorite" - L. Kim, California

"There wasn't enough space on the feedback bar to explain how delighted I was at all the extra hard work you put into this sale.  I really appreciated your help." - C. Williams, United Kingdom

"I just wanted to thank you for providing such fast shipping and excellent service."  - A. Newborg, Mississippi

Pictures of our Real Customers:


Boris LOVES his Planet Dog Orbee balls!  He can't get enough of them!


 Duke with his Planet Dog Soccer Ball -- What a very handome boy! 

Molly with her Planet Dog Diamond Plate Ball -- What a Cutie-pie!